Thursday, July 9, 2009

Into the Wild: Day 2

Hello, let me introduce myself. I am a twenty-eight year-old physician who recently retired after deciding that internal medicine is not for me. I moved in with my parents yesterday; we live in a small cabin thirty miles outside of Laramie, Wyoming. It is two miles to the nearest town (Centennial, population one hundred) which boasts a 33.333333:1 person:bar ratio and some of the finest rural postcards you have ever seen. I didn't know how to get the bar over the 3's in the last sentence, as it is my first time blogging. This is one of the skills I hope to acquire over the next few months.
Allow me to show you my humble abode. Please use your imagination as digital photography and the uploading thereof the the World Wide Web is another pending skill. My parents live in this beautiful 600 square foot cabin on a heavily wooded, riverfront lot. We have a pond stocked with fish and some type of algae film on the top. In the springtime, moose and bears are plentiful in our front yard.
I currently reside in this beautiful Companion brand camper in our back yard. My parents borrowed it from a neighbor for me to stay in, as they evidently believe I'm too old to be living with them again. My camper is nice; it has a bed, a living room/dining room/kitchen, and a nonfunctional bathroom. The ceilings were clearly built for me; at 6'6'', they are exactly my height. The camper is outfitted with a Japanese-made tape player replete with misspelled words. It was made before they figured out how to change sides automatically, forcing me to stand up, bend my head over so as not to hit the ceiling, and remove and replace the tape.
When I moved in to the camper, I hit the jackpot. Not expecting any decent, functional tapes to be around the camper, I was surprised to find not only LeeAnn Womack and Faith Hill, but also an old Tanya Tucker cassette. Wait a second... behind the tape player I also found a single of Coolio's timeless classic Gangsta's Paradise. This brought back some memories: Michelle Pfeiffer, "what the heck is karate?" and music before high school football games my freshman year. I popped in the tape, remembered that I had to rewind it, and gave it three listens in a row, listening to the B Side (Gangsta's Paradise: The Instrumental Version) between each take. Unfortunately, I am so out of shape, and the altitude is so high, I had to stop my enthusiastic singing before the chorus each time and place my head between my knees to keep from blacking out. I hope this will improve with time.


  1. Congrats on your freedom 28 plan! Can't wait to hear what you are doing with your golden years in September.
    Cheers, Scott

  2. ThIs blog is genius. Can't wait to hear the heartland tales.

  3. More space than my Russian Hill studio.