Friday, July 10, 2009

Retired at 28, Day 3

This episode shall serve as a further introduction to me. I'll leave out the first 27 years, as the details of my life are quite inconsequential. In summary, I am a tall, overeducated, happily unemployed, currently heterosexual male from a military suburb of Omaha. I currently have a pretty sweet beard/mustache combo which will at some point become an even sweeter solo handlebar mustache.
As stated in my prior blog, I moved to Wyoming three days ago from San Francisco with a short hiatus in Denver visiting old friends and making new ones. I am, as the title suggests, a retired physician. I am happy to say I have returned to some of the activities which formerly gave me satisfaction. Namely, I am eating at regular intervals, talking to members of the opposite sex, sleeping ten hours a day, being nice to people, making my own meals, exercising, and reading alot. Residency precludes alot of these things, and doesn't pay well enough for others. The advent of a foosball table did add a small amount of happiness to the end of residency.
As for my future plans, I have very few right now. I plan on taking my licensing exam to make a little money as a moonlighting physician. I am also applying to public health school, as I always thought I might be interested in caring for larger populations. But really, there are a few other options: male model, inventor, voice work, techno DJ, beekeeper, advice columnist, Buddhist monk, professional basketball player, and chef. Some of these are just horrendous ideas, but others sound pretty good. I have not entirely ruled out organized crime, as many people think I am Italian.


  1. Labels: Sweet Beards.

    That's awesome.

  2. You forgot some occupations: hand model, Rip Taylor impersonator, kung fu dancer, tv chef.